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  1. Dermatology

    Our dermatology team diagnose and treat skin diseases.

  2. Diabetes and endocrinology

    Our diabetes and endocrinology team care for people who have diabetes or endocrine conditions such as thyroid disease.

  3. Diabetes eye screening

    Diabetes eye screening is provided by the North West London Diabetes Eye Screening programme.

  4. Diabetes Integrated Care Ealing

    Our Diabetes Integrated Care Ealing (DICE) service provides specialist services in the community to improve your diabetes care.

    Address: Featherstone Road Clinic,  Harlington Road,  Southall, UB2 5BQ

  5. Dietetics

    Our team of specialist dietitians assess and treat you for any problems that you might have relating to your diet or nutrition.

  6. District nursing in Brent

    Our District Nursing team in Brent provide you with nursing care in your home.

  7. District nursing in Ealing

    Our district nursing service in Ealing provides you with nursing care if you have a condition that means you cannot leave home.

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Help us improve our website. How useful was this page?