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Central Middlesex Hospital now European leader in robotic surgery

Surgeons at Central Middlesex Hospital (CMH) celebrated the completion of their 100th procedure using robotic surgery for knee replacements.

The computer-guided system generates a 3D model of the knee allowing replacements to be fitted more accurately than the traditional ‘jig’ technique.

Orthopaedic surgeon Simon Jennings said: “Logic suggests that if we can fit the replacement more accurately it will feel better and people can get up and about more quickly. 

“I visited a surgeon in America who was doing these as day cases which was extraordinary although a little premature in my opinion.

“The initial results are promising and there is a significant saving for the NHS because people are discharged within a couple of days.”

The CMH team carried out more than 400 traditional knee replacements last year and Simon and surgical colleagues Ian Holloway and Matthew Bartlett originally travelled to the US where the robotic assisted procedure is widely used.

Central Middlesex, which is part of London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust, is now the leading exponent of Navio robotic surgery in Europe and will become a training centre for visiting surgeons.

Simon added: “It’s exciting for us because it’s showcasing our work to a global audience and I do believe it is the way forward regarding knee replacements.

“The NHS carries out more than 70,000 knee replacements a year and that figure will continue to grow as we live longer. If we can offer something that produces better results for our patients and is more cost effective that has to be a winner.”

“We’re hopefully be using the same robotic system to perform hip replacements within the next couple of years.”

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